Step-by-Step Guide 4:

Importing, Exporting & Saving Data


Jamovi makes it incredibly easy to import data. Jamovi supports all the file formats you would expect. Here is a list of the formats supported:

You can also easily export your files to any of the above formats. In addition, you can easily export just your results in the following formats:

This allows you to easily share just your results with others

What you will learn here:

Below are step-by-step guides on how to import your data into Jamovi and save for future use.

Open a Jamovi File

Folder > File

Opening a Jamvi file is very easy. All you have to do is navigate to your file and double-double click on your file. This will open up your file in Jamovi.

If you are using a Mac to open a Jamovi file for the first time, follow the steps below. 

Open files on Mac

If this is the first time you are using Jamovi on your Mac the double-clicking on the file will lead to an error. Follow the steps below to set Jamovi files to open when you double-click on the file. 

Right-click on file > Open With > Other

In the pop-up menu under Enable select All Applications.

Now find Jamovi on the list and select > open.

Now when you double-click your Jamovi files they will open directly from your folders. 

Video: Import your Data Step-by-Step 

Import Datasets



Go to the menu in your top left-hand corner Menu > Open 

Note: You can open files from your computer (This Computer) or sample files (Data Library)


This PC/Data Files > Browse

Navigate to This PC/Data Files > Browse> Select your files>Open

Note: You can check what formats are supported by selecting the Data Files option at the bottom of the menu screen.

Exporting your Datasets


Export your Data/Results

Jamovi makes it incredibly easy to export your file. It is also really easy to copy your results into a word document too.

Menu > Export > Browse >Export

Now select the format you want. There are lots to choose from. If you just want to save your results to share with someone, then save them as HTML or a PDF. 

All the other formats will save your entire dataset in the format you have choosen.


Export using the results pane.

To save your results as a PDF or HTML site follow the following steps

Results Pane > Right-click on Results at the top > All > Export 

Now name your file and click Export.

Saving a Table / Graph

Results Pane > Right-click on the table/graph you want to export > image/table > Copy

You can now paste the image/table into Word or Excel. Tables can be modified in Word/Excel

Save your Data


Menu>Save As

Go to the menu in your top left-hand corner Menu > Save As


Save As > Browse > Save

Navigate to Save As > Browse > Name File

Now Select your files>Save

Note: If you have opened a Jamovi file, you can use Save instead of Save As. This will save any work you have done.