Test your knowledge

Note on Tasks

Before completing the Tasks, please work through each of the sub-pages for Tutorial 6 as these will help complete the task below.

For the task below we will be using the following dataset:

Skoczylis, Joshua, 2021, "Extremism, Life Experiences and the Internet", https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/ICTI8T, Harvard Dataverse, Version 3.

Task 1: Linear Regression

Use a Linear Regression to test the following hypothesis:

H0: There is no correlation between Age and Social Racism

Ha: There is a significant relationship between Age and Racism

Can this model be improved upon? Use Block-wise-entry to improve this model and answer the following questions: 

Now that you have seen the output, check your assumptions

Task 2: Logistic Regression

Take your Racism score and transform it into a ordinal/nominal variable

Now run a Logistic Regression with this new variable as your dependent variable.